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if you ever think about sending me an ask and decide not to cause “oh she doesn’t care” or “oh I don’t want to bother her” literally I’m the loneliest piece of shit you can find and would still love you if you sent me the word nuzzle over and over again


If you wanna date a boy then date a boy who is short, blond and handsome. Date a boy whose actions speak louder than words. Date a boy who’s brave. Date a boy who likes sleeping. Date a boy who would save a kingdom for you. Date a boy who loves horseback riding, and is very skilled with a sword. A boy whose spirit is the same as the legendary Hero’s. 

Link. Date Link. 


this looks intimidating


send hELP


kainora is the cutest ship to have ever been on lok wtf. 



Because if you don’t know how good this series is you seriously need to read it


In the process of drawing all my villagers. Got kyoki, Charlise and Wolfgang done!


started from the bottom


now we’re here



Guys. We need to talk about something. I’m tired of all the bigotry. I’m tired of all the hatred. I’m tired of people just not accepting. You don’t have to like everyone or everything. That’s not what I’m saying and to ask that would be ridiculous. But all milk shakes are created equal regardless of flavor. Spread this message and help put an end to Lactose Intolerance. 



People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

❝ ✏? :3 ❞

Name: Lo
Gender: Girlish
Race: Human
Class: Necromancer
Weapon: Fire stick
Companion/Familiar: Very small somewhat useless dragon
Level: Biggest nerd



❝ excuse me, reddo-san, can i ask how do you do your lineart? or at least how do you usually line your drawing? i really love your art (i even make one of your pieces as my wallpaper so i can stare at it forever) and thank you! ❞


Ah thank you! u///u Aaaa I don’t actually lineart; I paint my drawings!!! My art process is really backwards….so it takes me a long time to finish every drawing! T0T; I usually start out with a sketch and then I splash the colours I want to use underneath it or through a multiply layer. Then I merge the layers and continue to render on top of the sketch. After I’m satisfied with areas, I go back in and add lineart to emphasize or bring attention to certain details mostly the eyes or the contour of the face.

sketch with colors

starts to detail the face…. i usually start with eyes ^D^;

then I slowly move up from the face to the bangs and would start to render the hair although lately I tend to leave the hair looser…!

I do not recommend trying to paint the way I do because it makes no sense at all and it’s so time consuming T—T I’m trying to learn how to lineart slowly because I like the clean look! I just need to find the patience for it! @@ Fighting!


End Credits - Ocarina of Time