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I’m home from vacation!

  • what she says: you can touch my hair if you want
  • what she means: please for the love of god play with my hair feel how soft it is i will roll over into your lap like a kitten


i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me


Realistic art styles are hard because there’s no easy way to translate a cartoon deer into an attractive product. 


i am craving SOME SORT OF FOOD that WE DO NOT HAVE, and i cannot for the life of me imagine what it could be

Reminder of my other blogs

I’m getting a new theme soon, and I’ll eventually add links there, but for now:

My art blog: furonem 

Animal crossing: celestedownpour

Inspo/turorial blog: sususpired


i hope i did him justice ;u;

my half of an art trade with susurratrix

Wow wow wow meow


I haven’t draw in two weeks please dont let me draw things for other people oh gosh


She’s taken to sleeping next to me on a pillow. What a sweetie


The future of little Celeste…

A cover for my ACNL blog, celestedownpour.

Track: Trigger
Artist: Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)

Zankyou no Terror「残響のテロル」Opening


susurratrix is a cheeky monkey

I’d say I’m more of a cheeky-ferret, but she’s someone else I know


Cat Socks



at last the answer